It is highly recommendable to order a workshop from Alpo Aaltokoski Company in connection with performances and tours. The workshop’s content and method are always planned according to the event to answer the needs of each specific group and client. Apart from choreographer Alpo Aaltokoski, the workshop can be organized by artists and designers that work with the group, so the workshop can be a way to get familiar not only with the diverse aspects of dance but also with lighting, sound and costume design as well as video art.

Choreographer Aaltokoski’s workshops are a way to get to know his movement language and his way of thinking about choreography. In addition to workshops for professionals, Aaltokoski also caters for students and serious amateurs.

Aaltokoski is also an experienced panel discussion participant. His previous work in child protection and social work provides him with personal insights into the healing qualities of dance and art as well as the significance of psychophysical awareness in the prevention of different kinds of problems that people have with regards to managing their lives. (Please note that translation assistance from Finnish to English might be needed.)


Examples of Aaltokoski’s workshops

Dance professionals and students

Technique class; duration 60/90 mins
Composition / movement improvisation / tools for making choreographies: duration 90/120/180 mins
Lecture in which Aaltokoski speaks about his artistic work and presents video samples of his work.

Serious amateurs (age recommendation 15 and over)

Technique class; duration 45/60/90 mins
The dancer’s work / composition; duration 60/90/120 mins
Lecture in which Aaltokoski speaks about his artistic work and presents video samples of his work.


The Company’s other workshops and lectures

  • Jazz dance, Mattox technique and composition
  • Pilates
  • Taking care of the body
  • Improvisation
  • Contact improvisation
  • Graham technique
  • The starting point of the lighting design of a dance work, projections and scenography
  • The sound design for a dance work
  • The costume design for a dance work
  • Dance and video