Aaltokoski Dance Marathon: 8 days, 15 shows, 2 premieres - Alpo Aaltokoski Company

Aaltokoski Dance Marathon: 8 days, 15 shows, 2 premieres

Aaltokoski Dance Marathon 16–26.11.2017 at Cultural Centre Stoa in Helsinki

Alpo Aaltokoski Company gives the autumn a heartbeat with a new contemporary-dance event. Four different works will be performed at Helsinki’s Stoa Cultural Centre on eight days in November. Two choreographies will premiere: BROTHERS by Alpo Aaltokoski, and FUGA by a workgroup led by Aaltokoski Company dancer Johanna Ikola. The Dance Marathon also includes Ali & Alpo, which went to the core of current events at its premiere in March 2017, and Deep, media artist Milla Moilanen’s audience success from 2000.

to 16.11. at 19:00 BROTHERS (premiere) / Deep
la 18.11. at 19:00 FUGA (premiere) / VELJET
su 19.11. at 15:00 BROTHERS / FUGA
ma 20.11. at 14:00 Ali & Alpo and a discussion on cross-cultural artist collaboration (in Finnish)
ke 22.11. at 19 :00 Ali & Alpo / FUGA
pe 24.11. at 19:00 BROTHERS / Deep
la 25.11. at 19:00 BROTHERS / Ali & Alpo
su 26.11. at 15:00 BROTHERS / Deep

Tickets 15/12 euros in Lippupiste or Stoa’s ticket store

BROTHERS: The story of a classic duet now continues in a trio (premiere)

The word ‘fraternity’ means camaraderie and friendship.  “What is the ultimate essence of fraternity? How is it seen in us, in our gestures, in our bodies?”, asks choreographer and dance artist Alpo Aaltokoski.

BROTHERS, choreographed for three male dancers, will premiere in November 2017. The work is a continuation of the voyage of discovery that began in a working process that started with the Together duet – premiered in 2010 – on the theme of making our way together.

It is about the connection between people, the profound importance of being together and, conversely, about pain of receding. In sharing and giving up the individual for the communal, something bigger emerges.

Choreography: Alpo Aaltokoski | Dance: Ahto Koskitalo, Jouni Majaniemi, Jussi Väänänen | Light design: Kalle Paasonen | Sound design: Aake Otsala | Costume design: Taina Relander | Photos and graphic design: Tanja Ahola | Production: Kai Artes/Alpo Aaltokoski Company

FUGA (premiere)

The work is based on J.S. Bach’s unfinished composition The Art of Fuga. Independent sounds, movements and acts merge in FUGA to create a polyphonic weave. The independent aspects comment on each other, reflect each other and move alongside each other. FUGA (lat. escape) escapes solid forms and breaks out of the grip of conception. In FUGA music and motion transform the dancer’s bodies into an undefined forward going flow. The workgroup consists of dancers who have worked for Aaltokoski Company for several years.

Workgroup and dancers: Jouni Majaniemi, Unna Kitti and Johanna Ikola | Choreography and concept: Johanna Ikola together with the workgroup | Music: parts of Die Kunst der Fuge by J.S. Bach | Co-Production: Workgroup and Alpo Aaltokoski Company

Ali & Alpo: Arabic traditional music and Finnish contemporary dance meet in a wordless dialogue

The rejection of Alawad’s asylum applications dramatically affected the genesis of the work, and its final form. In order to avoid forced repatriation, Alawad fled Finland in March 2017 – two weeks before the premiere 15.3.2017. Nevertheless, Ali & Alpo was staged according to Alawad’s wishes, since he still took part in the performance via a video projection. The piece touchingly brings out the human experience of and a human viewpoint on the consequences of an increasingly restrictive asylum policy.

On Monday 20.11. after the Ali & Alpo performance at 14:00 there will be a discussion on cross-cultural artist collaboration. Actor Mr Omar Albajare, Director of the cultural center Caisa Ms Cátia Suomalainen Pedrosa and dance artist Mr Alpo Aaltokoski will take part in the discussion. Discussion will be held in Finnish.

“There is a man, dance and music. That’s all it takes, they are enough to say a great deal, and straight from the heart. It brings a lump to your throat. […] It is hard to hold back the tears, at the very latest, when both dancer and musician come on stage for the final bows.” Helsingin Sanomat 17.3.2017

Choreography and Dance: Alpo Aaltokoski | Music: Ali Alawad | Light Design: Kari Gratseff | Sound Design: Johanna Storm | Costume Design: Marja Uusitalo | Video Shooting: Thomas Freundlicht | Video Script: Alpo Aaltokoski | Video Editing: Joe Davidow | Photography: Alejandro Lorenzo, Tanja Ahola | Production: Kai Artes/Alpo Aaltokoski Company


Aaltokoski’s homage for the human body. “Directed by media artist Milla Moilanen, Deep focuses on Aaltokoski’s pale, grayhound-like body. With his wing-like shoulder blades and skull-like face, he is a gorgeous, iconic human animal. Whether live or on (brilliantly shot and edited) film, Aaltokoski’s every shape and physical articulation captures attention.” – Donald Hutera, Dance Europe / October 2004

Realized in co-operation with media artist Milla Moilanen, Deep combines a live dance performance with computer animation. In this piece, Aaltokoski’s qualities as a performer and choreographer are manifested exquisitely. His body takes different shapes that captivate the spectator’s attention. On one hand, his body is concretely flesh and bones, on the other hand a sensitive nexus between nerves and feelings.

Deep represents life in itself.

Choreography and Dance: Alpo Aaltokoski | Lighting Design: Matti Jykylä
VIDEO: Script and direction: Milla Moilanen | Dancer: Alpo Aaltokoski | Editing: Raimo Uunila | Animation: Milla Moilanen | Photography: Keijo Kivioja, Milla Moilanen | Music: Miikka Kari, Epa Tamminen

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