Navigatio – 30th Anniversary celebration of the Finnish dancer and choreographer Alpo Aaltokoski

Our history is stored in the body memory, the unique present and the possibility of tomorrow. Dance performance Navigatio refers to fundamental human needs: search for a spiritual cohesion and feeling at home also when far away.

The musical composition, performed live, is influenced by Flamenco and Latin American musical styles and played with string instruments such as ronroco and tres guitar.

Premiere: May 4, 2016 at Alexander Theatre, Helsinki, Finland

TEAM Choreography and dance: Alpo Aaltokoski | Music: Jussi Jaakonaho, Joonas Widenius | Light design: Kalle Paasonen | Costume design: Marja Uusitalo | Scenography: Anders Karls | Managing Director: Helmi Saksala | Videos: Jarmo Kiuru | Photos: Stefan Bremer

”Aaltokoski’s every shape and physical articulation captures attention.”
Dance Europe / Donald Hutera

“Aaltokoski is an artist with each and every cell in his body. His proud, mystical physicality and presence are impressive. You just can’t help but look at this man.”
Helsingin Sanomat newspaper


ALPO AALTOKOSKI is one of the key figures in the Finnish dance scene. With a dash of warm humour his choreographies speak across cultural boundaries and bring the private and the personal to the level of collective experience.

Solidarity and joint responsibility are recurring themes in Aaltokoski’s works and are at the core of the company’s philosophy; numerous pedagogic projects have been carried out in South and Central America since 1995.

Mostly because of his former work as a social worker, Aaltokoski has presented important human themes in his art: the inevitability of abandonment and death, the yearning to leave one’s own footprints, which, however, finally disappear and become part of a larger landscape, the importance of the subconscious and privacy but also the power of community.

ALPO AALTOKOSKI COMPANY has toured in nearly 30 countries worldwide: in Europe, Asia, Africa, North, Central and South America.

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