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The strong link between contemporary dance and music remains

Prayers is the last part of a danced trilogy based on the music of Giya Kancheli. The earlier parts, the solos After Yesterday (based on the Morning Prayers) and Huominen (based on the Evening Prayers) were solos created for two Finnish dancers Anna Paimio and Sinikka Gripenberg in 2009 and 2010.

Themes such as detachment and rootlessness that influenced the life of the composer Kancheli are strongly present in Prayers. Population increase, famine, wars, misery and natural disasters move crowds away from their domestic lands and roots in a search for a better life. Refugees don’t have a place to call their own, neither a home land. In her personal life the composer Kancheli found a spiritual home in music, such as does a writer in literature or a choreographer in dance.

Aaltokoski dialogues these themes more actual than ever with the composer. Independent of any particular culture, the title Prayers is strongly associated with a religion. The performers deal with themes arising from praying in a larger context than a personal or collective religion.

Choreography: Alpo Aaltokoski
Dance: Leo Kirjonen, Kaisa Launis, Esete Sutinen, Jukka Tarvainen
Music: Giya Kancheli (Einmal, Exil, Night Prayers)
Set and light design: Kalle Paasonen
Costume design: Marja Uusitalo

Premiere: April 24th 2012 at Alexander Theatre, Helsinki

Prayers - Marko Mäkinen
Image: Marko Mäkinen

Performance history

Premiere: 24 April 2012, Alexander Theatre, Helsinki

Other performances:
26-27 April 2012, Alexander Theatre, Helsinki (2)
15-18 November 2012, Stoa the Cultural Centre of Eastern Helsinki (3)

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