Visions 23

Production info

The 23rd choreography of Aaltokoski. The images raise from the layers of the subconscious mind as visions moving the mind and leading one’s journey.

“Everyone has visions and there is no mysticism in it. With visions one continues on. They are meaningful points during everyone’s own journey. The vision follows me and links itself to the next vision. This shapes my experience of my own journey.”

– Alpo Aaltokoski

Näkyjä 23 (Visions 23) is exceptionally large in its form to be a freelance production. The creation does not tell a story but it is a journey which is led by one’s desires, lusts, hopes and fears. Instead of wanting to create meanings the choreographer wants to create associative images which leave free space for the spectators own mind.

Aaltokoski feels strange with concrete subjects as the wars, violence, relation with a pair or media. He says he has nothing to add to the superficial public conversation of the society. Still he claims to be social since finally all the development of life is directed by individuals desires, lusts, hopes and fears. This is the area which he wants to reach with his choreographies.

Choreography: Alpo Aaltokoski
Music: Markus Fagerudd
Light and set design: Tarja Ervasti
Costume design: Päivi Uusitalo
Dance: Teemu Kyytinen, Riikka Korppi-Tommola, Jarkko Lievonen, Janne Marja-aho, Mammu Rankanen, Suvi Ruotoistenmäki, Jaana Saaranen

Commissioned by Dance in November Festival 1996
Premiere: Alexander’s Theatre, Helsinki on October 24th 1996

Duration: 1 h

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