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Themes of surrender and loss are approached from the perspectives of meanings of age and intergenerational memory. Life is change, growth and also death. In aging humans body it can be seen and touched with sense. Three dancers of different ages danced in the work, Marjo Kuusela 75, Tuovi Rantanen 58 and Johanna Ikola 40.

In performing art and exceptionally in dance there is no age variant and age is not seen on stage. Often people things that older artist cannot create new. Sometimes that depends on person itself because thoughts need time to work.

In dance change from age affiliate strongly on movement, because often persons movement become slower in older age. Slowdown is no need to see as lower quality, but as change with new dimensions. With long life history person often sees more connections between things, which also influence of being and movement.


Choreographer: Alpo Aaltokoski
Dancers: Marjo Kuusela, Tuovi Rantanen, Johanna Ikola
Music: Lea Pekkala (cello), Joonas Widenius (guitar)
Sound design: Johanna Storm
Light design: Alexander Salvesen
Scenography: Aino Favén
Costume design: Liisa Pesonen

Duration: 40 minutes

Premiere 28.5.2022, Maunula-talo, Helsinki

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