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Life means constant change, growth and also death, but how is this reflected in a human being? Can losses that one has experienced and deeply personal secrets be read in the body and movement of an aging person?

Uoma consists of three simultaneous solos danced by three women of different ages: Marjo Kuusela (b. 1946), Tuovi Rantanen (b. 1962) and Johanna Ikola (b. 1979). The stage is coloured by floating elements resembling rock formations, strong projections and costumes that emphasize both the girlishness and dignity of the performers. The soundscape is composed of alternating live guitar and cello, and compact masses of sound.

It is often assumed that an older artist is no longer creative, but even if movement slows down as a person ages, this should not be seen as a deterioration in the quality of the movement, but rather as a change that offers the possibility of finding new dimensions. Living life allows us to start to see the connections between things more clearly, and this also radiates outwards. Uoma, like the traces of life in a person, can mean searching for and finding one’s place.


Choreographer: Alpo Aaltokoski
Dancers: Marjo Kuusela, Tuovi Rantanen, Johanna Ikola
Music: Lea Pekkala (cello), Joonas Widenius (guitar)
Sound design: Johanna Storm
Light design: Alexander Salvesen
Scenography: Aino Favén
Costume design: Liisa Pesonen

Duration: 45 minutes

Premiere 28.5.2022, Maunula-talo, Helsinki

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