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Cycle for three female dancers deals with the course of life. This work is based on a thought by a Finnish author Leena Krohn:

“A wheel and a year make again and again the same circle, that is already even frustratingly common. Instead, a wagon covers a new distance every time. Every turn makes more road, a road to a town that no-one has seen before.”

Choreographer: Alpo Aaltokoski
Light and set design: Tarja Ervasti
Costume design: Päivi Uusitalo
Music: Gavin Bryars
Dance: Sari Lakso, Suvi Ruotoistenmäki, Pirjo Yli-Maunula

Premiere: October 14, 1998 at Oulu Nuku Centre, Finland

Duration: 40 minutes


Press reviews

Finnish Daily Turun Sanomat 28.10.1998

“Deep delving into the topic of the work is characteristic for Aaltokoski. … His movement is carefully considered and motivated. In Sykli he has reached the feeling and atmosphere, but Sykli is also a sharp and analytic work. Aaltokoski trusts the movement and doesn’t use any pointless things.” … “The three female dancers of different ages complement each other and use strongly their personalities. The product is unique in contemporary dance: the mind and the body truly connect. Sykli stands out in the flood of contemporary dance. It is the bull’s eye of the strong artists.”

Finnish Daily Helsingin Sanomat 30.10.1998

“Sykli reminds me of Matisse«s famous painting Dance – maybe because of the circular movement, the contrasts of lights and colours. The expression is condensed, movement energetic and continuous.”

Finnish Daily Kaleva 15.10.1998

“There is greatness of thought in this choreography, even if the language of the movement is restricted rather than overflowing. The most touching thing in Sykli is the expression of feelings. Not “pathologically” , neither cheaply. In the end of the work there are four mirrors and dark stage which whispered to me: everybody has his own “mirror” in the life, but even the grave holds the mirror up to the life.”

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