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Beloved duet reflects a multilateral relationship

Once you have stepped into a deep stream together, it leaves its mark on you. No matter how you might try to rip it up and cast it away, the connection will not be broken. There are two, both in tandem and apart. Side by side, at the same time somewhere else. Each is caught in the other, even if one travels alone to the other side of the planet.

Alpo Aaltokoski’s beloved choreography Together is making a return to the stage, this time with a new generation of dancers reinterpreting the work that first premiered in 2010. Along with the most important Finnish dance festivals, Together has visited Mexico, Nicaragua and Italy. The piece has been characterized as a classic Finnish art dance duet.

”Aaltokoski builds a tense bridge between two male dancers. This dialogue reaches an immediate psychophysical level and inflates the movement of the performance with a full spectrum of emotions.”

Petri Kauppinen, November 5th 2010, Kaleva

“I consider Together as one of Aaltokoski’s best works.”

Annikki Alku, June 14th 2014, Savon Sanomat


Choreography: Alpo Aaltokoski
Dance: Jere Jääskeläinen, Jussi Suomalainen (2023)
Light design: Kalle Paasonen
Composition and sound design: Aake Otsala
Costume design: Taina Relander
Graphic design: Atte Karttunen (2023), Kirsti Maula (2010)
Photography: Mikko Rasila (2023), Pekka Mäkinen (2010)

Premiere: 10 November 2010 Valvesali, Oulu, Finland (dance: Ahto Koskitalo, Jouni Majaniemi)

Press reviews

Powerful study on human relations
Savon Sanomat 14.6.2014, Annikki Alku

I consider Aaltokoski’s Together as one of Aaltokoski’s best works. Together deals with relationship between two people, balancing between being apart and being together, hanging on and letting go, being alone and being together, between need and self-sufficiency. Although the dancers are two men, the movement language and the way this topic is treated are so abstract that the performance does not in any case apply only to the relations between men.

The work is at once harsh and sensual both for its form and motion language. All the emotional expressions are focused on the body. Kalle Paasonen’s lights largely define the ambiance of the presentation. The musical world created by Aake Otsala rolls into the consciousness as inevitably as the lights.

Ahto Koskitalo and Jouni Majaniemi are the original performers of the presentation. That, and the effect of all the performances over the years, shows in confidence and internalization of the movement and deepening of the topic that can never be found in a new presentation.

Together is an excellent and an intense performance, which again proved movement’s capacity to transmit something that words can never reach.

Finnish art at the dance festival of Lila López

Two men, one piece, music, coordination, dance and emotions are combined to create perfection where all elements make a difference on an abstract level. Here, the audience witnessed that art can involve questions and social contradictions and turn them into an amazing contemporary dance performance.

Alpo Aaltokoski, una muestra de arte finlandés en el Festival de Danza Lila López
Código 21.7.2013 (San Luis Potosí, MEXICO)

Dos hombres, una obra, música, coordinación, danza y sentimientos se conjugaron a la perfección ya que cada elemento representaba algo en cierto nivel de abstracción. Aquí, el público fue testigo de cómo esta manifestación artística puede incluir temas de polémica social y convertirlos en un magnífico trabajo de danza contemporánea.

Alpo Aaltokoski’s Together touchingly combines two souls on many levels.
Kaleva, 5.11.2010, Petri Kauppinen

It is great that this kind of male energy exists in Finland! [..] Together creates a space for intelligence and elegance. The sharp sword of virtuoso movement swings with dangerous power. [..] In his new work Aaltokoski creates a bridge of vigorous communication between two men. This dialogue takes place on a psycho-physical level and the wide spectrum of movement material is full of emotion. [..] The choreographer’s seemingly endless imagination produces a flow of movement that becomes an episodic whole which is tied together by Kalle Paasonen’s fantastic lighting dramaturgy. The haze, pulse and light shade of romance in Aake Otsala’s music always provokes nuanced emotions. [..] Ahto Koskitalo’s body is condensed power, but not at the slightest expense of his speed. Koskitalo articulates and gives rhythm to every movement extremely precisely and is always in complete control of the situation. Jouni Majaniemi’s supple spine, languorous movement curves and broad register of expression complements the duo’s restrained charisma. The narration is captivating.

Performance history

Premiere: 10.10.2010 Valve-sali, Oulu, Finland

Other performances:
11-13.10.2010 Valvesali, Oulu, Finland (3)
1-5.12.2010 Stoa the Cultural Centre of Eastern Helsinki, Finland (5)

6-7.4.2011 Stoa the Cultural Centre of Eastern Helsinki, Finland (2)

22.4.2012 Hällänäyttämö, Tanssivirtaa, Tampere, Finland (1)
5.10.2012 Alminsali, Finnish National Opera, Helsinki, Finland (1)

20.7.2013 Teatro de la Paz, San Luis Potosí, Mexiko (1)
21.7.2013 Teatro Manuel José Othón, Matehuala, Mexico (1)
28.9.2013 Tanssin Aika Festival, Jyväskylä city, Finland (1)
19.11.2013 Sala Experimental, Teatro Nacional Ruben Dario, Managua, Nicaragua (1)
21.11.2013 Alianza Francesa, Managua, Nicaragua (1)

12 June 2014 Kuopio Dance Festival, Finland (1)
22 July 2014 Full Moon Dance Festival, Pyhäjärvi, Finland (1)
25 July 2014 Teatro a Corte Festival, Torino, Italy (1)

23.3.2016 Tanssikuu, Pori Theatre
12.-13.5.2016 Alexander Theatre, Helsinki

22.-23.11.2018 Aaltokoski Dance Marathon, Stoa, Helsinki

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