Steps Behind the Voices

Production info

A struggle with the structure of Requiem that first seems almost simple, but turns out to be monumental and finely tuned.Alpo Aaltokoski has not made his solo piece narrative, but instead it is rather an irrational attempt to reach out for one of those inner visions or moments, which derive from music. The solo work was made for the Requiem concert at the City Orchestra of Vaasa.

Choreography and dance: Alpo Aaltokoski
Music: Toru Takemitsu: Requiem
Lighting and set design: Kaisa Salmi
Costume design: Päivi Uusitalo
Photos: Ninna Lindström

Premiere: October 7, 1999 Vaasa City Hall, Finland

Steps Behind the Voices

Press reviews

Hufvudstadsbladet, May 9, 2000

Alpo Aaltokoski’s delicate and carefully considered choreographic touch, the elements of which also include dynamics with multiple variations, and directions and qualities of movement, is clearly outlined both in the solo and the duet. Movements in Steps Behind the Voices are highly disciplined, sharply edged and accurately directed. The performance is filled with unceasing intensity and concentration.

Helsingin Sanomat, May 9, 2000

Aaltokoski has a sufficient character of a performer to agree to perform, for example, with a symphony orchestra. His choreography for the composition of Takemitsu is spare and reduced. Aaltokoski expresses the emotional states deriving from Requiem with a restful energy of his body increasing in a few intense series of movements, as if to express an emotional state mixed with longing and anger as an opposite to the tender quality of the composition.

Performance history

Premiere: October 7, 1999 Vaasa City Hall, Vaasa, Finland

Other performances:
October 7, 1999 Vaasa City Hall, Vaasa, Finland(1)
May 4-9, 2000 Zodiak – Centre for New Dance, Helsinki, Finland (5)

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