Steps from Behind Voices

Escape. Dreams. Hope. Steps from Behind Voices (Askelia äänten takaa) is an inevitable journey towards the unknown. The journey is personal yet shared. Who leads, who calls, have we lost our way? Each step in the darkness carries hope for a better tomorrow.

AB Dance Company and Alpo Aaltokoski Company’s new production invites you to discuss the world in which we live. The stage brings you both the AB Dance Company group and three Ukrainian dancers of Ethno Contemporary Ballett who had to flee due to the war reigning in their country. Steps from Behind Voices is choreographer Alpo Aaltokoski’s debut with AB Dance Company.

Steps from Behind Voices is Aaltokoski’s tribute to Georgian composer Giya Kancheli (1935–2019) and the choreographer’s third production set to his music. One starting point to this production comprises the emotions and vision brought about by Kancheli’s music.

Steps from Behind Voices features Kancheli’s piece Mourned by the Wind, which adheres to the concept of a philosophical and epic symphony. The resonance of two solo violas running through Kancheli’s symphony ties a series of contrasting sequences together as one: these sequences evoke feelings of palpitations, an enthusiastic breath of life, focused meditation, a tragic funeral procession, an unknown evil force blowing in, a lyrical revelation, intense violence and a proud stoicism of submission.

All these developments follow each other and sometimes coincide as multidimensional opposites. We don’t know when and where they all happened, because they have been given to us in an incomplete form. This unfinished characteristic of a collage or a film, combined with the absence of cadences in each hold, produces an illusion of multidimensional space.


CHOREOGRAPHY AND CONCEPT Alpo Aaltokoski | DANCERS Nina Bulgakova, Arttu Halmetoja, Linda Holmström, Anastasiia Mostova, Elina Raiskinmäki and Kateryna Zhuravlova | STAGING AND LIGHT DESIGN Magnús Sigurðarson | COSTUME DESIGN Marjo Haapasalo | MUSIC Giya Kancheli | PHOTOGRAPHY AND GRAPHIC DESIGN Jussi Virkkumaa | PRODUCTION AB Dance Company and Alpo Aaltokoski Company

Premiere: 12.9.2024 (Manifesti Festival) | Manilla, Turku
Other Performances: 25.9.−12.10.2024
Running time: Around 75 min (with intermission)
Age recommendation: 10 and up


Thu 12.9. at 19 PREMIERE

Wed 25.9. at 19
Thu 26.9. at 19
Fri 27.9. at 19
Sat 28.9. at 17

Thu 3.10. at 19
Fri 4.10. at 19
Sat 5.10. at 17

Thu 10.10. at 19
Fri 11.10. at 19
Sat 12.11. at 17


31 € single ticket
28 € pensioners
15 € students, children (under 18 years), unemployed persons, and persons in civil service or in the army.
12 € members of Teme, Finnish Actors Union and Taku, persons having the Theatre Card of The Association of Finnish Theatres, dance and theatre students (vocational) and persons with press card


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